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Welcome to the Character Gallery. Here is a chance to view portraits and read a bit about some of the colorful characters from the world of Lillybeth and Hinsberth (Note that some of these mysterious characters do not have descriptions to avoid the chance of any plot spoilers). Enjoy!



Bold, enthusiastic, optimistic and ready for whatever needs to be done, Bardslow is the sizable and competent elder sibling to Bentlby, Filipa and Pommelstom. He resides in a small home just outside Chrysalis with his two brothers and sister; when not taken on an adventure of one sort or another he spends his days working with them and with Chaffy to help keep the Migrators safe. For more on Bardslow, watch for the announcement as we plan to interview him soon.



Check back soon for more information about Becheur!



Younger than Bardslow but older than Pommelstom (and Filipa), Bentlby is the middle brother of the four siblings. Like his older brother Bardslow he is physically large and energetic, his personalit y tends toward the optimistic and he can rarely be found idle. He lives and works with his siblings in Chrysalis, helping Chaffy manifest his lifelong dream to protect those still flying the often trea cherous migration routes.



Effervescent, eccentric and brilliant, the elder Chaffy is the founder and designer of Chrysalis, a colossal monument sheltering a surreal, fantastic garden-scape replete with ponds, bridges and can als; it is an oasis of life born of a secretive and personal sentiment. Hidden deep in the forest, over time Chrysalis has become a home to many. With a life long devotion to manifesting his almost qui xotic visions, Chaffy set the mission for Chrysalis to be a place for those flying in the migrations to come and remain safe, and to collect and share the knowledge garnered from their distant travels. For more information on Chaffy, please read his touching interview with our staff.


Doctor Lochswyn

Elder in years, tall and slightly frail of build, Doctor Heleen Lochswyn is a brilliant, caring, compassionate practitioner of medicine who, being the only resident with such expertise, takes care of every injury and illness on The Farm. She possesses a strong, highly principled personality and a broad view of caring for her patients, always ensuring everyone effected, both friends and family alike, are properly cared for. She is also a researcher, keeping an extensive library and a sizable collection of medicinal and herbal plants, and daily concocting ever more exotic forms of her infamous and strangely aromatic porridge. For more on Doctor Lochswyn please read her inspiring interview with our staff.


Doctor Tauffenshufter

Short, stocky, in possession of a beaming smile and a nervous, frantic but profoundly caring disposition, Doctor Tauffenshufter is one of three practitioners (her colleagues are Doctor Durmlint and Doctor Wichsluff) of medicine resident in Chrysalis. It is not too much to say she lives to care for her patients, and her competence is most often equal to the task. A longtime resident of Chrysalis, she is a close friend of Chaffy, Doctor Lochswyn and the four siblings. Coming soon: a personal interview with Doctor Tauffenshufter on life, Chrysalis and The Edges of Things.

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R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend and confidant and resident of The Farm, to share his opinions on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.

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