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As a child R. S. Markel drew incessantly: animals, plants, landscapes, mountains — anything and everything catching his interest. Upon learning of his love for drawing a kind neighbor gifted the eight year old R. S. Markel a giant role of paper. Excited about having a canvas he could cut to any width, he dissected the entire roll and had it painted and penciled over within a few months. With school and other pursuits for many years he rarely found time for drawing and painting, until rediscovering his love for drawing after sitting down with paper and pencil in hand to create an image of the a character from his first novel. Now he is kept quite busy writing and illustrating images of characters, scenes and settings from the Lillybeth and Hinsberth novels.

Many of the illustrations on the site can be viewed here or just by browsing the pages and the Character Gallery. Mr. Markel has hand drawn nearly every image, including picture frames, icons, feathers and footprints. The pencil drawings were created with a mechanical drafting pencil, the paintings were made with water colors and ink pens on water color paper. With the character illustrations he has endeavored to capture the unique personality of each member of the Lillybeth and Hinsberth cast. Please feel welcome to scroll through this small sampling of illustrations from the world of Lillybeth and Hinsberth and beyond.

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R. S. Markel has invited Mr. Abselard, a dear porcine friend and confidant and resident of The Farm, to share his opinions on a wide smattering of topics gleaned from the pig's venerable morning conversations. We do hope you enjoy this new addition.

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Follow your dreams! Author, illustrator, scientist, engineer and generally curious character R. S. Markel is available to give an inspiring presentation based on his short semi-autobiographical story titled "The Dream Star".

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Hello and welcome. I am a writer and illustrator of books for young (and young at heart) readers who have a passion for exploring fantastic places, impossible events and the magic and mysteries of our world. Please feel free to read a bit about my work and peruse the character and illustration galleries. I do hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the whimsical world of Lillybeth and Hinsberth.

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